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Do I Really Need a Saltwater Pool?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Let me first clarify. Between pool or no pool, you definitely need a pool!

We will discuss the difference between a saltwater pool and chlorine pool.

Saltwater pools are here to stay.

Three out of every four pools that are residential, in-ground pools are salt water pools. But what exactly is a saltwater pool?

A Saltwater Pool Does Have Chlorine

Many people believe that saltwater pools have no chlorine. That really isn't true. Saltwater systems actually generate chlorine via electrolysis. A salt cell is installed near your pool equipment, electrolysis zaps the water with electricity, and mixes with the salt in the system. Wallah, you now have chlorine. The advantage here is that the salt system doesn't require you to add artificial chlorine to your pool constantly.

Is Saltwater Better?

For the most part, yes. The chlorine generated by the salt cell is much less harsh than chemicals. Some say that their skin can still get irritated, but the vast majority of people report that saltwater is better on the skin than chemicals.

Is Saltwater Too Salty?

Many believe that a saltwater pool is like swimming in the ocean. Not true! In the ocean, salt levels are at 35,000 parts per million. A human tear is 6,000 parts per million. A typical saltwater pool is only 2,500 parts per million. With levels that low, you keep all the benefits of saltwater as a cleaning agent and your skin still retains vital moisture that is needed in the hot summer months.

Is Saltwater More Expensive?

Initially, a saltwater pool might be a bit more expensive than a chlorine pool, but not by much. With the chemical expense you save over time, and the similar costs of ongoing maintenance, it makes the initial purchase a no-brainer.

Do I Still Need Other Chemicals?

You wont need chlorine to sanitize the pool, but you will need other chemicals for water clarity and pH levels. A quality pool maintenance company can do all of this for you with weekly visits, but it isn't hard to learn and maintain yourself.

Ready For Your Pool?

Saltwater pools are complex, but don't let that scare you. We are experts in custom pool design and can walk you through the entire process. Contact us today for a free quote!

- Matt

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