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How to pick the right contractor for YOUR job.

When it comes to any sort of outdoor home improvement, the options out there can become daunting. All word of mouth from friends, google reviews, research, and photos can make your head spin.

These are HUGE decisions that can cost a lot of money for any homeowner looking to do an outdoor upgrade. Oftentimes, you take out a large loan, have been saving for years, or have decided to use the yearly bonus to build that dream backyard. You want to find a company you trust, connect with and have complete assurance the job will get done correctly.

Today we want to help YOU find the right contractor for your job.

Tip One:

Obtain multiple bids. Yes, you read that correctly. We aren’t just some shady company that wants to take your money. We WANT you to contact other companies to get more prices, see their designs and see what they can offer you. You should receive bids and compare the estimates and offerings. If a bid is exceptionally high or low compared to other bids, never hesitate to ask why. Sometimes it comes down to the quality of materials, the experience of the employees, and more. At Amazing Outdoors, we are confident in our work, reputation, employees, and our designs. We believe we can beat out any competition with the quality of our materials and work.

Tip Two:

COMMUNICATION! This is key for any contractor. This is the start of the trust you build with your contractor throughout the project. Make sure whatever company you go with that communication is great from the beginning. Without proper communication, changes to design plans, unexpected issues, or delays to the project can lead to frustration and loss of confidence. At all times, with Amazing Outdoors, you can and always will be able to get ahold of someone within our company to ask any questions.

Tip Three:

This might be the most important tip. It is absolutely imperative that you check to make sure your contractor is licensed and insured! Unfortunately, there are a lot of contractors that claim to be licensed and insured. We hear these stories all the time in our industry and it’s heartbreaking; they take your money and run. Contractor insurance should cover any property damage and give you the peace of mind you need for your project to go off without any liability. Amazing Outdoors is not only licensed and insured, we also proudly hold an A+ BBB rating (better business bureau).

If you haven’t yet, please feel free to reach out to us about your next outdoor home improvement project. We can guarantee we offer fair pricing and have the BEST communication with our clients. We are a reputable, trustworthy company, and we will get the job done!


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