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Landscaping Light - Ditch the Solar Lights

Landscape lighting really sets off an outdoor experience. The issue we run into often is that homeowners often purchase cheap solar lights, that work for a few days before they start to dim, and are then discouraged on creating a wonderful lighting experience.

Outdoor lighting is well worth the investment to provide curbside appeal, illumination to home features, and provide a sense of security.

How do solar lights work? Solar lights work by drawing energy from the sun in order to function. As the light from the sun hits the inner panels, the heat generates movement in the negatively charged electrons which pushes them into positively charged layers of the cell. At night time, energy is released in the form of light. The issue is that this method produces inconsistent lighting over time when it comes to landscape lighting.

How often do we see these look great initially then start to fade very quickly?

We always recommend low-voltage wired landscape lights. They provide:

  • a consistent experience

  • powerful and beautiful lighting

  • ability to control with your phone

The ability to control lighting lighting with your

phone is key.

We prefer the In-Lite Smart Hub 150. The SMART HUB-150 transformer completes the in-lite transformer line and is controlled exclusively by the in-lite smartphone app for iOS and Android.

  • Maximum installation value of 150 VA

  • Operated with the in-lite app (suitable for Apple and Android)

  • Fitted with 3 separately operated cable outputs and astronomical clock

This transformer provides a consistent on/off experience and power supply to your lights, every night, every time. You can set different zones with your phone and control the lights to turn on with movement, darkness, or based on time of day.

Outdoor lighting also allows you to extend your summer season deep into fall, when the sun starts setting earlier. Be sure to add low voltage lighting to your next project!

- Matt

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