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What We Design is What We Build

A novel concept, I know! The idea that the design should inform the eventual build, and that the final product should resemble the design...

But any of us that have been through big construction projects know that oftentimes, there are a hundred curveballs during construction that can affect the final product. That is unavoidable.

How many times do we see these shows on HGTV, where the design doesn't even come close to the final product? Sure the final product is nice, but it isn't close to the initial vision that the homeowner had months ago.

At Amazing Outdoors, we pride ourselves on the specific ability to make your dreams come true. Often considered an overused and somewhat cheesy phrase, we strive to actually make it happen. You have an initial idea of what you want the space to look like, based on your experiences, tastes, and style. If the end result doesn't reflect that, did your dreams actually come true? Or did you settle...

When you and your family finally make the decision to embark on a pool journey, you are risking a lot. You are risking your life savings, your time, your sanity, and many other factors, in order to create your dream backyard. We spend a great deal of time with our clients upfront, to discuss ideas, talk about what will work and what won't, in order to develop a design that can be delivered in the end.

Time is taken to gather all of the requirements, provide truthful and honest potential outcomes, and create multiple design iterations to create a design you are not only happy with but extremely ecstatic with! If you are only going to build one pool, shouldn't it be EXACTLY what you want? We think so too!

Here is a recent project we completed in Willowsford. The design is first, the end product is second.





You can be confident that what we design will be extremely close to what your end product looks like!

Have any design ideas in mind? Reach out and let's start crafting your vision and let's begin making those dreams come true.

- Matt

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