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You Can Always Turn It Down. You Can Never Turn It Up.

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

One question we are often asked about landscape speaker systems, "is it overkill?"

"Do we really need a 12" subwoofer buried in the ground and 8 (or more) speakers surrounding my pool? I have a portable bluetooth speaker that works just fine!"

My answer is an old adage that has served me well in the world of audio.

If you have the volume, you can always turn it down. If you don't have the volume, you can never turn it up.

What are outdoor satellite landscape speakers? These outdoor speakers are completely enclosed with a spike to plant them into the ground. Outdoor Satellite speakers are great for planting in gardens, hiding behind rocks, and along the perimeter of your landscape.

How to choose and care for your outdoor satellite speakers: Outdoor satellite speakers are like indoor speakers with the ability to be camouflaged throughout your landscape and are of course weatherproof. Because they are completely enclosed the mid driver and tweeter are properly tuned to the enclosure for maximum performance. These speakers are meant to drive performance outdoors, in the open air, while maintaining maximum audio fidelity.

Let's face it. There are times we want to crank music loud. It may only be one time a season, such as during our birthday party or when an old friend visits and you want to show off the system. If you have a solid audio set up, chances are that 99% of the time, you will have the music at ambient level. But the one time you want to crank it, you will be able to, if you have the proper set up.

The key is to install the system when your pool is being built. Landscape audio systems require wiring that is buried underground, pavers, gardens, etc. Don't push this off as "something you will do later or as a phase 2."

My partner comes from an audio background. He was a former world champion in car stereo in the 1990s (remember when loud bass coming from cars was a thing?). We have maintained that audio passion and bring it to every installation.

Audio makes or breaks a pool party.

What if you have multiple outdoor spaces? No problem! You would create multiple zones. It works like this:

  • You have a patio, deck, and pool area.

  • You want them all to play different music at different times, but you might want them all to play the same thing at the same time.

  • You configure 3 different zones with your music streamer of choice (Sonos, Yamaha, etc.).

  • In your steamer app, you play 3 different zones, with 3 different levels, or you snap them all to one zone and CRANK!

At Amazing Outdoors, we lay out the perfect system with a professional design that identifies tonal coverage and possible dead zones.

Don't build a fantastic outdoor space and then slack on the audio. Even if you never crank it, you'll be glad for the one or two times you do.

- Matt

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