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Snow & Ice Removal Services

Safety & Accessibility 

Amazing Outdoors specializes in providing professional snow and ice removal services for residents, businesses, municipalities and commercial properties in Virginia. We are one of Loudoun County's most-trusted snow & ice maintenance providers, with a proven track record of delivering safety and accessibility to critical sites.

What We Do


Snow Plowing

Amazing Outdoors utilizes professional plows and equipment to remove snow from parking lots, driveways, and roads. Our goal is to create a safe path for vehicles. 


Ice Control

The key to preventing slips and falls is to apply de-icing agents to melt ice and prevent new ice formation. This ensures walking safety in high-traffic areas


Snow Hauling

If the amount of snow exceeds the capacity of the property, Amazing Outdoors can safely remove excess snow and transport it to designated locations


Sidewalk Shoveling

Keeping sidewalks clear is the key to pedestrian safety. We focus on sidewalks, pathways, entryways, and business entrances/exits. 


Parking Lot Maintenance

Businesses still need to operate and be accessible during winter events. We ensure the safety and accessibility for employes and customers for local businesses.


Salt & Sand Application

In some instances, salt, sand, or other environmentally safe options must be deployed to minimize the impacts of impending storms. We are experts in the application of salt and sand to affected areas. 

No Matter the Weather, We Will Clear a Path 

1. Assessment and Planning

Amazing Outdoors starts by assessing the specific needs of your property. We consider factors such as the size of the area, parking lot layout, walkways, and potential problem areas prone to snow and ice buildup. This assessment helps us develop a tailored snow and ice removal plan to account for proper labor and tooling of the site. 

2. Monitor Weather Conditions 

The team closely monitors weather forecasts to anticipate incoming snow or ice events. This enables them to plan ahead and mobilize their crew and equipment in a timely manner.

3: Prompt Response

When snowfall or icy conditions are expected, Amazing Outdoors promptly dispatches our experienced crews to the site. We prioritize safety and aim to begin the snow and ice removal process as soon as possible.

4: Snow Plowing and Removal

Using our specialized snow plowing equipment, Amazing Outdoors will efficiently clear snow from parking lots, driveways, and access roads. Our trained operators navigate the area, pushing snow to designated areas or removing it from the property altogether in the case of excessive accumulation. Snow Hauling is available upon request from the customer. 

5. Ice Control

Amazing Outdoors applies de-icing agents, such as salt or environmentally friendly alternatives, to prevent ice formation and promote safe walking and driving conditions as part of our pre-treatment process. We strategically distribute the de-icing agents on walkways, parking areas, and other critical areas prone to ice buildup.

6. Sidewalk Shoveling

The team focuses on clearing sidewalks, pathways, and entryways using snow shovels and other appropriate equipment. They meticulously remove snow and ice from these areas, ensuring safe pedestrian access to your business or commercial property.

7. Constant Site Checks and Maintenance

Amazing Outdoors continues to monitor the property during and after snowfall or ice events. We address any additional snow buildup or icy patches that may require attention. Regular maintenance checks are conducted to ensure the area remains safe and accessible.

8. Documentation and Communication

Amazing Outdoors maintains accurate documentation of the snow and ice removal activities performed on your property. We provide timely updates and communicate with you regarding the progress of the snow and ice removal process.

9. Continuous Availability

Amazing Outdoors remains available throughout the winter season to address any unexpected snow or ice events. We are responsive to client inquiries, emergencies, or additional service requests.

By following this snow and ice removal process, Amazing Outdoors ensures prompt, efficient, and reliable service. Our experienced team, specialized equipment, and attention to detail contribute to effective snow and ice management, keeping your municipality, business or commercial property safe and accessible during winter conditions.

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